Brass and Woodwinds Lessons in Bonita Springs, FL

Miller's Sheet Music and Studios is the premiere showplace for brass and woodwind instruments. Our wide selection of trombones, trumpets, flutes, saxophones, French horns and clarinets rivals those of any other music shop. You'll also be able to find the accessories you need for your brass and woodwind instruments, such as clarinet or saxophone reeds.
Anthony Claro -Brass Lessons in Bonita Springs, FL

Anthony Claro - Trumpet, Trombone, & Baritone

Tony Claro, started playing trumpet at the age of 11 at Cypress Palm Middle School in Naples, Florida. After attending Palmetto Ridge High School, where he did marching band, jazz band, and concert band for 4 years... Read more
Jose Cordero - Saxophone Lessons in Bonita Springs,, FL

Jose Cordero - Flute

Jose Cordero began his musical studies at the Conservatorio de Musica Del Tolima in Colombia in 2003 before moving to Florida in 2009. Jose was a member of the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, winner in the Florida Flute ... Read more
Isaiah Suriel - Saxophone & Clarinet Lessons in Bonita Springs,, FL

Isaiah Suriel - Saxophone & Clarinet

Isaiah Suriel started playing saxophone at the age of 12 at Pacetti Bay Middle School in St. Augustine, Florida. With his newfound passion, he took it with him to Allen D. Nease Senior High School in Ponte Vedra, Florida, where he performed in both the concert band and the prestigious "Panther Pride Marching Band". He used his skills...Read more
If you're looking to learn to play a brass or a woodwind instrument, we can provide lessons on the flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone. Our experienced instructors can also teach you to play the French horn, the trombone or the trumpet. We can also provide you with piano lessons and voice lessons.
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