Guitar, Strings, And Drum Lessons in Bonita Springs, FL

Here at Miller's Sheet Music and Studios in Bonita Springs, FL, we provide some of the finest string instruments and have a wide selection of accessories to tune and repair them. We also rent musical instruments. If you already have an instrument and you're looking to learn how to use it, we also offer music lessons.

String Instruments for Sale or Rent

Miller's has a wide selection of musical instruments for sale. Our band rental program includes accessories for replacing strings on violins, guitars and other stringed instruments. We also know that ... Read more

Musical instruments Repairs

We have repair services available for guitars, as well as restringing and tuning for guitars, violins, and violas.

String Instrument Instructions

If you're looking to learn to play a string instrument, we can provide you with the lessons you need to hone your talent whether you want to learn to play the acoustic guitar, ... Read more


Brian Gunder - Musical and Instrumental Services in Springs, FL

Brian Gunder - guitar

Brian has been playing guitar/bass for twenty-five years. He started out in 1984, taking lessons at a local music store. Eventually he developed an interest in music theory and sought out private ... Read more
Anthony Herrera - Musical and Instrumental Services in Springs, FL


Anthony majored in music and received his Bachelor's degree from the University of New Mexico. He has performed in recitals and in Master Classes sponsored by the New Mexico Guitar Society and ... Read more
Renata Rozmus - Musical and Instrumental Services in Springs, FL

Renata Rozmus - Violin

Renata started music education at the age 6 in her native Poland. She holds a degree from the Academy of Music and University of Music in Katowice in violin performance and jazz vocals. Renata has toured Europe with the Rzeszow Philharmonic Orchestra,... Read more
Tim Torres - Musical and Instrumental Services in Springs, FL

TIM TORRES - cello, Violin, Guitar, & DRUMS

Tim found his true passion for music and the cello after being mistakenly placed in his High School's Orchestra class. Tim has been combining his experiences as a classical musician with his ... Read more
Isacc Hernandez - Percussion

Isacc Hernandez - Drums, Bells, & xylophone

Isaac Fernandez Hernandez was appointed section percussionist of the Southwest Florida Symphony in October 2014. He has also performed in other professional orchestras such as the Naples Philharmonic, Jacksonville Symphony, Sarasota Orchestra, ...Read more
Playing Guitar with Friends - Musical and Instrumental Services in Springs, FL
Girl Playing Violin - Musical and Instrumental Services in Springs, FL
Playing Electric Guitar - Musical and Instrumental Services in Springs, FL
For more information about renting or buying musical instruments or taking piano lessons or voice lessons, please contact us at 239-405-8122.